An exercise in programmatic condensation (EN)

In the long run, we want a society composed of collectives based on equality, autonomy and reciprocity. We want a free association of all human beings, beyond heterosexuality, beyond gender, beyond ethnicity, without race nor nation, without government nor private property. A society liberated from the desire to dominate, control and exploit, be it humans, other living beings or the inanimate world.
We see the commodity, money and capital not as things, but as capitalist social relations that should be abolished. We criticize not only economic exploitation, but the capitalist form of labor, time and technology.
We reject feudalism and slavery, neocolonialism and imperialism.
Instead of a state organization of society, we advocate a radically democratic, self-organized and egalitarian form of social organization on a global scale.
We criticize patriarchal and racist social relations – social relations that are neither less nor more fundamental than social relations of class or caste. Neither racism nor sexism are only systems of ideas or discourses. They are practices of domination and exploitation.
Our critique of racism includes not only biological racism but also so-called cultural racism, not only color racism, but also antisemitism and racism that primarily uses religious or national stereotypes.
Our critique of patriarchy goes much farther than the mere demand for equality between men and women. We want to challenge the construction of masculine and feminine identities: our goal is the abolition of the binary system of gender. We want to end all forms of emotional and sexual exploitation and all forms of sexual violence.
We see heterosexism as a form of domination related to, but not identical with, sexist domination, and we advocate its abolition. Our aim is to destroy the heterosexual norm and put an end to heterosexuality as a social institution.
We see sexuality as a political field – crossed by social relations of class, “race”, gender, etc – and not as a simple fact of nature, and we desire a profound transformation of this social construction, sexuality.
We advocate the abolition of the norm of monogamy and the institution of the couple.
We challenge the domination of children by adults, and we advocate the abolition of the social institutions of the biological family and the clan. We completely reject the principle of blood relationship and we advocate the development of other forms of solidarity among human beings.
We challenge the idea and practice of ethnicity. We want neither race nor nation.
We advocate the abolition of ableism and of dominant body norms.
Beyond the social relations of domination and exploitation among human beings, we criticize the domination of humans over other living beings and the inanimate world.