Mustafa Barghouti @Mustafa_Barghouti


General Secretary of the PNI, which opposes both the Islamists and Fatah

Maria Rashed ????? ????


Palestinian Journalist • Bylines @guardian @haaretzcom @haaretz @LBRL_il @timeoutta

Nada Bashir


Arab-British, works for CNN, pushes back hard against anti-Palestinian bias

Joyce Karam


Senior editor at Al Monitor

Khalil Sayegh



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?yad el-Baghdadi | ???? ????????



Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project



Follow @Amwajmedia for original insight on the region, from the region. | Fact-driven coverage of Iran/Iraq/Peninsula |

Dr. Marwa Maziad


Egyptian, wrote a paper on the Islamist bias of Al Jazeera Egypt and other AJ channels

Yassin Al-Haj Saleh ????? ????? ????


Syrian leftist, writes for New Lines, I really like his writings

Abbas ????


Syrian activist

A Land for All ??? ????? ???? ??????


Palestinian-Israeli organisation Two States One Homeland

Mushon Zer Aviv


Israeli, part of A Land For All, wrote an interesting text called “Your Empathy is Killing Us

Omer Bartov ???? ?????? ??? ?????


Nimrod Flaschenberg


From Tel Aviv. Now in Berlin. Writes on Israeli politics from a left perspective.

Erik Skare


Researcher (@UniOslo& @sciencespo) • Author: A History of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (@cambridgeup) & Palestinian Islamic Jihad: Islamist Writings (@ibtauris)

Diliman Abdulkader


US based advocate for Kurdish rights


Don’t know about her background, but highly recommend based on what she posts

Gershon Baskin ????? ??????


Israeli peace activist, former Hamas negotiator

Yehuda Shaul


Co-founder of “Breaking the Silence”

Benzi Sanders


Trying to end the the occupation. Jerusalem Director at @extendprograms. Formerly with @btsisrael.

New Israel Fund


The leading organization advancing and protecting liberal democracy in Israel.

Yachad UK


Yachad is a British Jewish organisation whose primary mission is to empower British Jews to support a political resolution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Gershom Gorenberg